An Alexa skill for TikTok

You might not know that a few years ago, TikTok collaborated with Amazon to launch an Alexa skill for TikTok users so that they can ask Alexa on their mobile device to explore and even create videos on the TikTok app.

Users can simply say “Alexa, open TikTok and even launch some of the features on this platform including:

To search for videos,

To explore sounds,

And, to record video

The above-mentioned feature allows users to ameliorate their creativity, and innovate new ways to engage with this popular short-video sharing platform.

Creators have access to some functionalities including hands-free video recording; it brings tons of possibilities to the process of TikToking because they do not need camera timers anymore. They can simply say, “Alexa, ask TikTok to start my recording.” 

Viewers can also take advantage of the Alexa Skill including the experience of quick video searches and music exploration. Just ask Alexa and say “Alexa, ask TikTok to search for [the keywords of your search].”

Examples of Alexa Commands for TikTok

  • To launch TikTok simply say,

“Open TikTok.”

  • When you want to open the camera page,

“Alexa, ask TikTok to open my camera.”

  • You can ask Alexa to discover challenges,

“Alexa, ask TikTok for today’s challenge.”

  • Maybe you want to check your messages, so, say,

“Alexa, ask TikTok for my DM’s!”

  • When you want to play videos, say,

“Alexa, ask TikTok to play my feed.”

  • When you are going to start a recording, say,

“Alexa, ask TikTok to start recording.”

  • In case you want to check notifications, say,

“Alexa, ask TikTok for my notifications.”

Alexa Commands for TikTok
Alexa Commands for TikTok

How to Set Answers to Be Whispered by Alexa to Facilitate Working with TikTok:

If you want to have Alexa answer you without annoying you, you can “Set Answers to Be Whispered” and then responses will be whispered back. To Set, Answers to Be Whispered, say, “Alexa, change the wake word.” And follow the steps:

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app,
  2. Select More in the lower right,
  3. Select Settings,
  4. Go to the Alexa account,
  5. Select Voice Responses under the Alexa Preferences section,
  6. Toggle on the Whisper Mode to enable it.
  7. That is it.
Working with TikTok
Working with TikTok

Note: It is worth noting that a TikTok user Alana Tsui could figure out how to make Alexa whisper.

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