TikTok Introduces Attribution Manager With Flexible Windows

Advertisers can pick longer windows that are more under control with their conversion goals. TikTok is rolling out a new ‘Attribution Manager’ to provide more Ad performance tracking capacity.
With the new feature, TikTokers can simply customize attribution windows on the TikTok Ads Manager.
Since advertisers are different based on their target market, tapping an ad can also vary. E.g., if the nature of the ad is to grow brand awareness, a like is enough. Otherwise, to sell a product, service, or item, the conversion stage i.e. when the prospective customer wants to buy the service may contain some questions first and so take more time.
With the new feature, the default attribution windows can be set to 7-day click or 1-day view. In other words, the prospects have 1 day to convert when they view an ad, or 7 days when they click on it.
The CTA (click-through attribution window) can be set from 24 hours to 28 days, while VTA (view-through attribution window) can vary from off to up to seven days.
At a glance, the options for the advertisers are
Click-through (CTA): 1, 7, 14, 28 days
View-through (VTA): off, 1 and 7 day
Those advertisers running web campaigns via the TikTok Pixel or Events API can have access to Attribution Manager. And for app promoters, when TikTok Ads Manager becomes self-attributing, Attribution Manager is activated.

How To Set Up App Attribution In TikTok Ads Manager

To Create an App

​1. Head to TikTok Ads Manager Assets,

2. Select the Event page,

3. Under App Event, tap on Manage,

4. ​Select Create New App,

5. A pop-up appears,

6. ​Add your app store link,

7. Select Next.
Note: It is possible to include parameters including language in the URL link.
​To Track Settings,

8. Select your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP),

9. ​And finally to create your new app, click Done.

TikTok Ads Manager
TikTok Ads Manager

Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) Tracking

To track the performance of your ads, you can use a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). Those MMPs which are supported by TikTok Ads are:

  • ​Adjust
  • ​Airbridge
  • ​AppMetrica
  • ​AppsFlyer
  • ​Branch
  • ​Dfinery
  • ​Kochava
  • ​myTracker
  • ​Singular
  • ​Tenjin
  • ​Tune
Mobile Measurement Partner
(MMP) Tracking

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The one-day click and no view-through attribution windows were good for me. Why make my attribution windows longer?
When you lengthen your attribution windows, TikTok can collect more conversion data for strengthening the downstream algorithms of the platform for

1. Bidding,
2. Targeting,
3. Optimizing.

In other words, more data enables the delivery system to optimize faster and the learning period will be decreased for AI. Consequently, TikTok can deliver ads to people better.

Is it possible to your attribution windows after the launch of Attribution Manager?
Yes, of course. With Attribution Manager, you can have full control of your attribution windows.

What is a view-through conversion?

The ad has an impression when the user later converted, this counts as a VTA. Simply put, if the audience becomes a customer.

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