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19 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes in 2022 [Cheap & Real]

Although there are tried and true options, you might always buy TikTok likes from a place that does not take after your interest. As a result, we have compiled the best sites for buying TikTok likes in 2022. 

TikTok gained popularity due to COVID lockdowns; it has hastily turned into one of the leading social media networks. Up to now, TikTok has gained more than 1 billion monthly active users, moving with speed past other social networks such as Twitter and sitting next to giants like Instagram. 

TikTok can bring users the opportunity for creating content in the form of short, interactive videos in order to reach your target audience. It is helpful for brands, businesses, etc to yield authenticity. 

Best Site to Buy TikTok Likes
Buy TikTok Likes

Notwithstanding, it is now harder for your TikTok content to get the required attention because TikTok has plenty of users that can be easily overwhelmed with content that they view. For promoting your performance against the algorithm, you must gain more TikTok likes.

You are capable of buying TikTok likes from creditable and trustworthy providers in case you are in need of more TikTok likes therefore your content can gain more reach and perhaps be recommended to more users; choosing the right one matters. 

There is always the risk of buying from a company that does not care about the best interest of its customers though there are a number of reputable options available. So, we have researched to find the best sites for you to buy TikTok likes from. 

We will review what they provide for you as well as how to purchase TikTok likes with safety.


1) Best Places to Buy TikTok Likes 2022
2) FAQs
2.1) How to Get More TikTok Likes?
2.2) Content is King
2.3) Post Your Content at the Right Time
2.4) How to Buy TikTok Likes

Best Places to Buy TikTok Likes

The best places for buying TikTok likes are compiled in the following, and a number of them also provide the opportunity for purchasing other sorts of engagements for TikTok and other social media platforms as well. 

Each of these companies is going to be broken down according to services and what will happen if you want to add them as a part of the growth strategy of your TikTok. 

1. Socialstore.io

Best for affordable TikTok likes.
What we appreciated most:

  • It is the greatest place to purchase TikTok likes at the lowest price.
  • They provide a variety of services to their consumers
  • They enable your TikTok account to learn what other users think of your material.
  • They increase interactions with likes.
  • Ordering is straightforward and fast

TikTok is a specialized development service that enables artists to share their material with a bigger audience by purchasing TikTok likes and followers. Artists may buy TikTok likes and followers to increase their platform popularity.

Buying TikTok Likes
Socialstore.io for Buying TikTok Likes

Socialstore is a digital marketing platform that offers TikTok users growth options. It is a community-driven website, thus obtaining more followers can dramatically boost your exposure on the network.
They have a global audience, making them one of the finest TikTok services.
Payments are processed on a server that is encrypted and secure, so your private information is completely secured. Visit Socialstore for the lowest pricing on authentic TikTok likes. They provide a variety of options ranging from 50 to 10,000 likes.
Their arrival is contingent upon the quantity of likes you buy. The sooner the delivery, the less TikTok likes you purchase; but, the longer it will take to pay, the greater the quantity of TikTok likes you purchase.
50 TikTok likes will be delivered within 5-15 minutes for $1.09, while 5,000 TikTok likes will be delivered within 3-7 hours for $49.99. The highest offer available is $99.99, providing
10,000 TikTok loves taking 1-2 days to pay.
They accept payments via:

  • Via Visa way
  • Employing MasterCard
  • With the assistance of Maestro
  • Using popular Apple Pay
  • By using the Google Pay system
  • Innovative methods such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Socialstore provides more services, including Buy TikTok Views between $0.59 and $25.49 for 50 to 3000 views. Buy automated likes for between $9.99 and $49.99 for 50 to 500 likes. Buy shares and comments on TikTok.

How does purchasing TikTok from Socialstore work?

There are just three basic steps! Determine how many Likes you need, then select a landing page where you’ll wait for interactions to begin. Then, make the payment procedure and confirmation email easy for you.
Socialstore is a well regarded social media marketing platform with thousands of satisfied consumers. They have established the practice of offering 100% organic views and likes at cheap prices. Views and likes originate from across the globe, which attracts followers from around the globe. This improves interaction with new and interested followers, contributing to greater popularity.

2. Media Mister

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Media Mister is one of the greatest service providers in social media growth that now offers TikTok as well. You can be assured that your TikTok will keep growing for a long period of time if you buy from Media Mister.

Media Mister Buy TikTok Likes
Media Mister Site

They offer a variety of different social media packages that can be helpful for getting more TikTok likes and Comments in addition to any other sorts of social media engagement than you might imagine.

Media Mister will strengthen your cross-platform presence in case you want.

Media Mister also cares about the safety of your TikTok account, and they also deliver your order over secure time spans in terms of the quantity of the engagements you buy.

The delivery time will be longer if you order more engagement.

3. GetAFollower

You absolutely need to try out the offers of GetAFollower if you are looking for a way to purchase TikTok likes that guarantee that your profile not only goes viral but gets really well-liked and popular.

GetAFollower Buy TikTok Likes
GetAFollower Site

Simply put, they can help you get seen on TikTok and generally improve the performance of your content.

They also use SSL encryption. in other words, your personal information is not going to be compromised. Their packages are economic are delivered to you quickly.

4. Buy Real Media

One of the competent sites that can help you grow your TikTok and also facilitate it, is Buy Real Media. They claim that their main purpose is helping their customers to achieve authority on social media, and they are proud of their services’ quality. They have helped plenty of clients with their features during the past seven years.

Buy Real Media Buy TikTok Likes
Buy Real Media Site

Seven years is long enough to gain experience in the industry.

In case your budget is small right now, definitely get started with Buy Real Media for just 2.00 bucks.

5. TokUpgrade

In case you are in need of buying TikTok likes naturally and organically, TokUpgrade is your top choice, beyond any doubt! Since TikTok has gained popularity, TokUpgrade brings real TikTok followers and engagement to their clients. 

One of the organic TikTok growth services is TokUpgrade; in other words, they make use of organic and natural ways for engaging with users on TikTok and generating interest in your profile.

TokUpgrade Buy TikTok Likes
TokUpgrade Website

More engagement, more followers, and more reach for your content will be delivered. They never use bots or fakes at all. 

You will be able to optimize your functionality by spending most of your time creating content and looking into hashtags throughout the time TokUpgrade is steering the growth of your TikTok. By means of their service, your TikTok can become more popular much faster. 

It cut corners and takes less time and you will have a strategy in the long term that works to grow likes, followers, and views of your TikTok profile consistently.

Since their plans are without any contract, you can cancel whenever you want. So their services are within reach and pliable. 

6. ViewsExpert

In general, ViewsExpert is ready to give help with above and beyond the growth of your social media, not just limited to your TikTok likes, hence it is an excellent jack-of-all-trades in case you own a business or you are an influencer who is making effort to flourish and the right people see that.

True experts work for ViewsExpert and they understand the high standards of their customers and also the amount of growth they are looking for.

That is why they are considered a reassuring option and can be helpful for you on Twitter and Twitch in addition to TikTok.

ViewsExpert Site for Buy TikTok Like
ViewsExpert Site

They offer various services for each platform. After deciding which package to choose in terms of your needs, and paying for it, the delivery gets started. Moreover, They offer multiple packages for covering all of TikTok.

So far as we are concerned ViewsExpert is a wonderful pick because starting with them costs just 6 bucks.

7. Follower Packages

Follower Packages will be the right pick for you in case you are serious about TikTok as a window of opportunity for your brand to gain visibility in general.

They understand the matter that their customers want to safely and quickly promote their TikTok pages.

They offer the right services for you to get a good deal of likes, followers, comments, views, and more on your TikTok page, and generally social media. 

Follower Packages Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Follower Packages Site

Their features can enhance the reputation of your posts and also your profile so that you can kick starter and reinvigorate your growth.

Obviously, they are aware that there are plenty of companies that send fake or spam engagement to the customers. Hence consider that making a purchase from this company, is purchasing premium quality features for raising your page. And the clients can start with them from $6.30.

8. Social Packages

Since Social Packages understands that everyone does not have enough money or time to afford expensive features, they have created features that you do not have to either overcharge for them or compromise on safety. They offer services for Instagram as well.

Social Packages Website for Buy TikTok Likes
Social Packages Website

Moreover, the services will be delivered within a good time span; you can also access their customer support 24/7.

Besides that, you can contact them via email, and getting started with them costs just $6.50. 

9. Fastlikes

The next provider on the list is worth trying out in case you appreciate getting your hands on more likes for your TikTok page, but you prefer not to take any shortcuts for gaining them.

Fastlikes.io is the ideal solution for those who are fed up with fake followers or bots and prefer not to take shortcuts or overshadow their credibility for progressing.

They only offer real TikTok engagement to the clients and do that for you in an organic way, hence do not worry whether TikTok presume you seriously or not.

Fastlikes Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Fastlikes Site

A prominent part is that their features can support Spotify, Twitter, and SoundCloud as well so that you are capable of dispersing your engagement and growing all-around.

They also promise that they do not send you the engagement that will drop off after a couple of days. They also provide 24/7 customer support in case you have questions and you can email them too. The features are priced from $4.99.

10. Famups

Famups appreciate being able to give help to the clients with TikTok likes, in addition to the other TikTok engagements, and they have around-the-clock customer support in case you need to get the assistance.

Famups Website for Buy TikTok Likes
Famups Website

They can help you grow not only your TikTok, but also your Facebook or Spotify. Since they have also a good delivery timeframe, you do not need to wait forever to reach your features. Moreover, their results are long-lasting.

11. Trollishly

When it comes to your TikTok likes, Trollishly can bring pristinely and with great reputable features. By the way, Trollishly offers services for a variety of different platforms; although it sounds limited, they do focus on those platforms.

Trollishly Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Trollishly Site

They pay attention to the matter that the customers have different needs, and they can fulfill those needs. As they say, in case you have an intention to enhance your presence on TikTok and other sites, then you need to take full advantage of their services.

Besides that, they have a good level of reputation. And can get started with them for just $2.59; it is quite wonderful.

12. Appsally

If you want to buy TikTok likes, Appsally can be unbearable because it takes a little time to find them. Appsally has plenty of premium quality options on its website.

An outstanding part is that plenty of options are available for the customers, and although it takes a bit to know them, it is worth it.

Appsally Website for Buy TikTok Likes
Appsally Website

The most prominent part is that they can be helpful for you not just with TikTok, hence you can grow everything concurrently. If you are someone who wants to be capable of managing your reputation and also boosting your profile, Appsally is an excellent choice. Getting started with their TikTok likes costs from $18.

13. Buy Social Buzz

The next option on the list is Buy Social Buzz which can help you with TikTok likes and also your social presence in general. It can help you boost your stats as easily as A B C, and they also offer manifold popular features for Instagram and Facebook as well.

Buy Social Buzz Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Buy Social Buzz Site

We also appreciate that they always come up with creative ideas for the customers, and the most outstanding part is that all aspects of their website have been virtual-encrypted. Therefore, you can share information without worry. It costs just $6.30 to get started with them.

14. Topstik

As the name suggests, Topstik is actually a business that can be helpful for its clients, one and only with TikTok.

Nowadays, TikTok is a significant network, as a consequence Topstik wanted to focus just on this platform, and not even put a time to think about anything else out there in the market.

Topstik Site for Buy TikTok Lokes
Topstik Site

The premium promotional services of Topstik can make a revolution in your TikTok page, and it is noteworthy to mention that they work with plenty of brands and musicians that want to increase the visibility of their content before the right audience, and are not obligated to play with their competitors concurrently.

It is definitely a significant business move to know a company like Topstik.

15. TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame can be an assistance for you to purchase TikTok likes, and by the way, they can be helpful for you about whatever you might need to do with your TikTok page as you they have expertise in developing the most popular social media platform across the globe at the present time.

To simply put they are professionals in this niche, and they have only come about with the features for growing and promoting TikTok and no ifs and or buts.

As they claim, they are going assist the clients to reach their full potential of TikTok, and all of their features can be helpful for you to come true with this. You only need to choose your payment method and get started from there.

16. Celebian

In case you are a newbie (in the realm of TikTok Celebian) who is in need of someone’s assistance through the process of buying TikTok likes , it is the best pick.

Celebian Website for Buy TikTok Likes
Celebian Website

You might probably have fear from giant profiles in your niche and thinking about how they approached that point. Remember, probably a number of them are taking advantage of Celebian to give a hand in their cause.

Therefore, they are capable of helping you just with TikTok growth, offering a free trial to the customers; it enables you to know them better in advance to order anything.

17. Audience Gain

Audience Gain is one of the number one companies in the market; it knows about assisting clients with their TikTok page.

Audience Gain Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Audience Gain Site

They understand that the customers have competition if they themselves want to do everything, and so far as we are concerned they have gone enough ham their features for the clients so that they can trust them with no necessity to worry.

They are priced from $60 for 1000 TikTok followers, and more of that.

18. Buzz Voice

In general Buzz, Voice is a company that can help customers with a variety of dimensions of being online. So you need to try out this company in case you are going in search of a company that can be helpful to boost your business or brand on social media.

Buzz Voice Website for Buy TikTok Likes
Buzz Voice Website

Buzz Voice can be helpful for you to purchase TikTok likes, in addition, to growing your profile’s reputation in general, and it can give hand with your posts too.

A prominent part is that it offers customer-efficient rates, and discounts as well.

19. Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek would love to provide customers with features that are long-lasting and not vanish after a few weeks.

SocialFansGeek Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Social Fans Geek Site

It can be helpful for you to purchase TikTok likes, and they are also able to assist you in order to sure that the rate of your engagement is growing constantly, so your credit will not remain lifeless. 

With the help of Social Fans Geek, you are going to do great and make more users fall for your page on TikTok.

19. Soclikes

One of the top and wildly known companies in the mentioned industry (i.e. TikTok likes) is Soclikes; it is one of those companies that have an advantage and edge that makes them stronger or more likely to be successful than others and can be helpful for you about all the elements of your profile concurrently.

Soclikes Site for Buy TikTok Likes
Soclikes Site

They also take after your credibility, and getting started with them costs just $3.99 which is reasonable.

A good part is that they offer really good customer support; simply put you can get access to it around the clock.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Get More TikTok Likes?

You need to think up more creative and innovative, original in order to gain more likes on the content of your TikTok.

Although it is highly recommended that you pick one of the above-mentioned companies, so far as we are concerned that you should take advantage of combining it with a number of tried and true techniques for increasing the chances to stand out on the platform.

Let us talk about some methods for getting more TikTok likes when all was said and done.

  1. Content is King
  2. Post Your Content at the Right Time
  3. How to Buy TikTok Likes 
  • Check out the company website
  • View packages
  • Choose your package
  • Complete the checkout process and make your payment

Content is King

Even though there is a great deal of people out there who say that “Content is King”, and you might even be fed up with it, it is in fact true.

If your content is better, more people are likely to attach importance, significance, and value to you as a TikTok user; they will want to stick around.

You will fritter away your time in case you create content that does not resonate with your audience and raise the value of your page.

In the first place, spend a little bit of time to arrange what kind of theme and content you prefer and produce, and then see how the audience would like it.

Post the Content at the Right Time

You may have created, edited, and shared videos, and have been looking forward to going viral, however, nothing has been such as your expectations. It is maybe related to the fact that you do not post them at the right times.

If you take it for granted that when the majority of your community is online, getting the desired outcome out of your content may never happen in comparison to your competitors.

If you use TikTok analytics more to consider when most of the audience is online, it will be to get TikTok likes.

How to Buy TikTok Likes 

It is as simple as a piece of cake to purchase TikTok likes! However, if you have never taken advantage of it and might be wondering what you should anticipate, do not panic as we are going to analyze here. 

We have compiled the steps you should take for buying TikTok likes: 

• Look into the company website: check outall the information on their website precisely and look into the company reviews.

All of the names we have mentioned on this list are awesome, but in case you think of another one, beyond a doubt look into their policies and take after if they provide valuable things. 

• View packages: when you made sure that the company is veritable, take a glance at all of the packages the company can provide.

Pick one that can fulfill your goals; it is recommended to buy TikTok likes in smaller packages therefore the growth of your TikTok looks more natural, but in case you are going to purchase a sizeable package put the wheels in motion, that works too.

You do not need to worry about sizes, especially if you are taking advantage of an organic TikTok growth service. 

• Select your package: Choose the package that you would like to buy and take the next step by signing up or going to checkout.

Then you need to enter your TikTok username and also your payment information.

The majority of TikTok likes providers will not ask you to enter your password because delivery purchase just occurs once, so consider that.

Of course, you might need to enter your password if it is an incessant service that carries out engagements in place of you, including organic services like TokUpgrade or TokCaptain; Do not panic since they are going to keep your information safe and would not store your password on their servers.

• Complete the checkout process and make your payment: Once you put in your financial info and confirmed the payment, you receive an approval email and then your order will be delivered to your account within the time frame.

The reputable companies usually do not deliver all of your orders at once since it can make TikTok suspicious about your account and get you restricted, suspended, or banned.

It is much better and safer to use a natural delivery time frame, or, work with organic TikTok growth services. So you do not have to lose sleep about it at all. 

And that is all done! As many times as you like, repeat this process; remember that this can help grow more naturally.

Your work doesn’t stop; keep working on your strategy to build your TikTok upward. 

Of course, your content still matters and although the mentioned services on this list can support your TikTok, you should produce content that makes users check it out regularly.

Do not fail to take into account what TikTok is all about and continue to make effort! 

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