How to Create TikTok video (step by step guide)

How to Create TikTok Video

As you may already know, TikTok was launched as DouYin in China in September 2016 and soon after introduced worldwide as TikTok in 2017.
The platform became a trend among the young generation so far that studies indicate that about 500 million are addicted to watching 15-second videos on TikTok.
Since TikTok is so popular, so regardless of your intention, it is the right social media platform to use. In this post, we are going to discuss how to make a successful TikTok video that gets likes and even goes viral.

How to Create TikTok Video
Create TikTok Video

As TikTok has a built-in feature of creating and sharing videos, It is wonderfully easy to create a TikTok video. So let us jump into the details!

Create TikTok Videos

Step1: Select the button plus ‘+’. If it is your first time, you need to authorize the TikTok app to access your camera and also a recorder.

Step2: For starting, set the elements such as timer, speed, effects, filter, etc, and then long-press the red button.

Step3: Then select your desired piece of music

Step4: After filming, click on the red check to be navigated into the editing page.

Step5: From the upper right, you can select another piece of music and set the volume and sound.

Step6: Choose the frame and special effects from the left corner


Create TikTok Video
Create TikTok Video Step By Step

Since the TikTok application only allows the length of the videos to range between 15-60 seconds, for uploading long videos, use your camera and do not record it with TikTok.

Edit TikTok Videos

Unfortunately, since TikTok does not have numerous features for editing, it is recommended to use some other video editing apps.
Just save it by clicking on the three-dots icon.

TikTok Ideas

Creating Lip Sync Videos

A popular video includes the performance of a song by lip-synching it and showing off your potential

Creating Duet Videos 

As the name suggests create a duet by tapping on the Share icon and selecting Duet. 

Creating Imitation of Viral Videos

Since viral videos are popular, you can imitate them. E.g. select the same subject or similarly perform.

Cover anything interesting on this day such as festivals, etc.

 Showing off special talents

Can you speak many accents? Show your special talents.

Covering the breaking news

TikTok videos can become a source for people to hear the breaking news too.

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