Best Crypto TikTok Influencers in 2022 {new list}

Top Crypto TikTok Influencers

TikTok and cryptocurrency have a lot in common. They are both followed by a large population of the younger generations, and if you know how to use them correctly, they will be wonderfully profitable.
In this post, We have compiled the best Cryptocurrency TikTokers.
Regardless of what you are looking for in the world of cryptocurrencies from technical analysis, penny-stock altcoin picks, to even for entertainment, the following TikTokers will be so helpful for you!

Crypto TikTok Influencers
Best Crypto TikTok Influencers

The criteria for ranking these Crypto TikTok Influencers include the number of followers, views, and comments, quality content, and more of that.
To clarify it, we apply a ranking formula based on the following factors.

1.) Experts scoring:

Experts Scoring in TikTok
Experts Scoring

As the name suggests, we ask the peers i.e. experts in the niche, influencers, founders, and investors to rank the list.

2.)Quality Content:

Quality Content in TikTok
Quality Content

The quality of the content that these TikTokers or better to say influencers is evaluated 

3.) The Rate of Subscriber Growth:

The Rate of Subscriber Growth in TikTok
The Rate of Subscriber Growth

As you may guess, The number of subscribers is less important than the velocity of the growth of an influencer.

4.) Community Engagement:

Community Engagement in TikTok
Community Engagement

We evaluate the metrics like mean views, organic mentions from other platforms and channels, and also audience retention.

5.) Comments:

Comments in TikTok

Genuine comments that are posted by real users indicate the rank of an influencer, not bots-generated comments or spam. 

So let us jump into the list of the best Crypto & NFT TikTok Influencers


BitBoy Crypto in Tiktok
BitBoy Crypto

BitboyCrypto is a perfect realm for beginners who are seeking to get into the blockchain, it is a useful TikTok page for crypto enthusiasts who like crypto content spiced by humor.


Cryptocita in TikTok

Crypto Cita is one of the top figures in the crypto TikTok space. Crypto Cita has over 733 thousand subscribers, she is a competitor for some of the biggest names in the world of crypto TikTok.
It is noteworthy that her content is also reposted countless times and even beyond the TikTok platform.

Crypto Mason

Crypto Mason in TikTok
Crypto Mason

Crypto Mason is another big crypto TikToker. He duets with other TikTokers and also supports the securitized tokens.
If you want to see a typical crypto influencer from the new generation, visit his page.

The Wolf of Bitcoins

The Wolf of Bitcoins in TikTok
The Wolf of Bitcoins

TheWolfofBitcoins is another hitter in the crypto TikTok space. In fact, he is the first to TikToker who bought cryptocurrency viral on TikTok.
The Wolf is a wonderful place for new investors and those who are seeking to try cryptocurrency investing.
But do not expect old-fashioned content, you are in the wrong place!

Virtual Bacon

Virtual Bacon in TikTok
Virtual Bacon

VirtualBacon is the first crypto TikTok analyst. Primarily, he was going to show and teach signals and technical chart reading on the platform.
His tutorials are still a valid source for entering the technical trading world. He explains altcoin picks and Bitcoin analytics in an incredibly fun way.

Crypto Wendy O

Crypto Wendy O in TikTok
Crypto Wendy O

CryptoWendyO makes videos with companies and crypto news research. If you seek to find an explanation for the actions of a certain company or whatever, give a visit to CrytoWendyO’s crypto TikTok channel.

Patrick Kim

Patrick Kim in TikTok
Patrick Kim

Patrickkim is a top figure and also investor who educates newbies for investing. He covers smart trading and trading bots.
He recommends using multiple exchanges and utilizing VPNs. Try Patrick’s crypto TikTok page out!

Brad In Iowa

Brad In Iowa in TikTok
Brad In Iowa

BradInIowa is useful for those who want to enter mining or diversify their game.
He offers wonderful resources like mining groups, group buys for mining products, etc. Give Brad a try.


itzjoshuajake in TikTok

itzjoshuajake is DeFi TikToker. He posts tips on trading mistakes, BTC, and analysis.
If want to get what a brand new hyped altcoin is experiencing, itzjoshuajake is the best guide for you.

Mac n Cheeasy

MacnCheeasy in TikTok

MacnCheeasy is a marvelous crypto TikToker  He covers the news like Mark Cuban leaking his macncheeasy is a good choice for those who look for something different.


Performante in TikTok

Performante shares inspirational content focused on trading techniques or altcoin picks. Performante focuses on the general crypto and tips on financial independence. 


CryptoKang in TikTok

CryptoKang is somehow a spokesperson for crypto on TikTok. His content is mostly focused on altcoins. If you want to invest in niche products, hit cryptokang.


cryptoweatherman in TikTok

As the name suggests,  cryptoweatherman tracks the climate of crypto investment and moves of big whales. He guides investors on trading tactics and signals.
Give cryptoweatherman a try if you are enthusiastic about crypto trade analytics!


Cryptoentrepreneur in TikTok

Cryptoentrepreneur or DeFi Dom, is a huge advocate of DeFi technology. His strategy in content sharing is using memes and entertainment about cryptocurrency.
If you are going to learn while laughing give this crypto friendly TikTok channel a shot.


Cryptomoonmoney in TikTok

Cryptomoonmoney highlights the niche altcoin projects. It is recommended to veterans who like penny stocks to give it a shot. 

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau in TikTok
Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau includes real crypto educators in the TikTok world. They focus on the basics of cryptocurrency. Newly arrived in crypto will be satisfied with the content of Coin Bureau.


Aymanmufleh in TikTok

Aymanmufleh shares his opinion and also the breaking news about cryptocurrency. He shares videos of his trades as well.
You will also see speculations on technical analysis. His approach to crypto education is unique.


Thebrandonjoseph in TikTok

Thebrandonjoseph publishes videos about making smart choices for your purchases. He also offers help to new investors and shares inspirational content.
Brandon Joseph is one of the most valuable crypto TikTok pages.

Eff You Money

Effyoumoney in TikTok

Effyoumoney shares complicated issues, a market analysis, and interrogations like APR vs APY in an entertaining way. 

Crypto Economists

Cryptoeconomist in TikTok

Cryptoeconomist publishes the crypto news! You will also access important interviews on this TikTok page.
The cryptoeconomists page is worth giving a shot. If you do not have enough time to watch YouTube crypto news, it is the best choice for you.

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