How to Find TikTok Songs With Shazam

TikTok is in the upper echelon of social media apps with one billion active users per month. The popular social media video-sharing app has gone through a popularity boost within the last couple of years, especially among Z-Generation and also content creators. TikTok contains plenty of interesting and popular songs; you might be wondering what the song name in a video is. Figuring out which song is playing is tough work. Good news, we have found an easy solution for you to find the soundtrack playing in a TikTok songs and video. Let us clarify it without further ado.


One of the most popular and hand-me-down music search applications across the globe is Shazam. It can help you find songs either on TikTok or wherever else. 

To identify a song,

1. Launch Shazam on a split-screen or another device,

2. Select the Shazam button,

3. Shazam will search the songs,

4. The app will then order the songs in a library. 

5. There, select the song to get all the details

6. The details include singer, lyrics, producer, video, and even where to find the soundtrack. 

One of the outstanding features that we like about the Shazam application is that you can link it to your Spotify account. Then the identified songs will be added to a playlist in the Spotify application. And you can simply listen to them on any occasion and at any time you want.

Shazam can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Mac operating systems. It can also identify the song if you hum it as well.

How to Add a Shazam button to the Control Center iPhone

To easily & quickly access your most frequently used apps and services including Shazam, you can use iPhone’s Control Center. Even though iPhone’s Control Center is one of the recent releases of iOS, the Shazam app is not added to the Control Center by default.

Note: Customizing the Control Center is available in iOS 11 and later. In this part, we are going to discuss how to add a Shazam shortcut to the control center. Let us start without further ado.

1. Open your device’s “Settings”,

2. Tap on “Control Center”,

3. Tap the “+” icon beside the “Music Recognition” service,

4. Add Shazam’s “Music Recognition” to the Control Center, 

5. Shazam is now active,

6. To see “Music Recognition”, move the screen up in the “Included Controls” section.

7. Shazam will appear at the bottom of your “Included Controls” list by default.

To change the position of Shazam in your Control Panel, 

1. Press and hold Shazam’s lined icon,

2. And simply drag it to a new position. 

To Use the new music recognition button,

1. Open the Control Panel,

2. Select the Shazam icon when the music is playing,

3. You will see the name of the music and the information on top of your screen after a few minutes as a notification.

Note: hold the Shazam in the Control Panel and you would see a list of the music histories you have searched.

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