TikTok Launches its First Subscription Comedy Series

The popular short-video-sharing app i.e. TikTok is going to generate a new monetization process for the creators; the new feature for making money is through a direct subscription for an upcoming comedy series in the app. TikTok launches its First Subscription eight-part Comedy Series with creator Jericho Mencke (A comedic celebrity who is well-known for his short-form videos on TikTok with more than 1.6 million followers.), which users can subscribe to for $4.99 for the season.

The mentioned Comedy Series is different from other typical short-form videos on this platform. The duration of each episode is up to 30 minutes/ half an hour. These types of content can bring out more revenue; simply put they are more monetizable. The reason for that is they can attract higher numbers of people to watch such longer-form videos on TikTok.

First Subscription Comedy Series in TikTok
TikTok Launches its First Subscription Comedy Series

As you know, Tick could have gained a large amount of popularity and short videos are interesting for the users but there are plenty of barriers in the way of a TikTok to gain a decent amount of revenue based on the efforts. It is a serious issue that even made many of the top TikTokers nag about its creator funding. They say that their interest is a lot more than TikTok if they put time and effort into other apps.

For instance, one of TikTok’s Creators mentioned that he earned only $622 within 6 months even though he has got millions of views on the app. Meanwhile, if he had instead put time and effort into YouTube and generated the equivalent number of views, he could have earned about $60.000.

As consequence, TikTok is adding more monetization options, including subscriptions to prevent its users from leaving TikTok and flocking to other similar apps. However, since creator monetization is still a critical issue for TikTok, it is still looking for new ways to fixate its position in the market.

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