How to Get Emoji With Triangle From TikTok {simple method}

Since TikTok users have been commenting ‘You Don’t Have This Emoji’ on all videos, this trend has assumed control of TikTok, however, you may not know how to get the emoji.

People have been obsessed and captivated over the mentioned trends that they have commented on under videos. Hence, do not be overly surprised when you meet things including “crop,” storytime,” and “you don’t have this emoji,’ by chance.

It seems the latest trend has assumed control of the platform and plenty of users are complaining about how agonizing it has been for them.

You Dont's Have This Emoji in TikTok
You Dont’s Have This Emoji

Pasting the emoji and following it up with (triangle) is a way for getting the triangle emoji. The triangle emoji will be auto-displayed if you select to enter.

But, in many instances, the users cannot view the emoji even after following the steps aforesaid. In this instance, getting the emoji just by copy-pasting it from another comment is the way easiest to get it.

Many users have taken advantage of this trick and it has worked well.


This trend does not have real meaning and it has gone viral in 2022. The same trend has been including commenting “storytime” and “crop” comments. It is vague who the starter of this trend is, but many users have been expanding it by commenting on posts.

Some Trends for Trying on TikTok

Although the users have been commenting on videos, you give can try other trends from TikTok. They are inoffensive and sure entertaining.

  1. The ADULT SWIM trend
  2. The beer poster trend
  3. Nightmare challenge
  4. Alabama Rush trend
  5. ‘Why you were being rude’ trend

It is not clear how long the current comment trend is going to take. But, regarding the trends usually become extinct when a new one emerges, probably users might not have to these for long.

Anyway, if you are not comfortable with the above-mentioned comments, you can easily report them as spam.

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