How Music Goes Viral on TikTok and Six of the Most Viral Songs of 2022 (so far)

There are some key elements of songs that make them gain popularity on TikTok including memorable lyrics in addition to danceable catchy trap beats, chord shifts, and bass drops. TikTok videos are typically 15 seconds long and that is why only a short part of a song (with that catchy lyrics) goes viral. [You know that the audio content of TikTok videos is not sung or voiced over by the users.]

Simply put, if a piece of music with quotable lyrics is a rib-tickler, it can enter the competition and try its luck to go viral on the platform! So TikTok can be even named a virality piste. The users turn songs into sounds and use them in video clips, and if a piece of music can gain enough popularity, it can even make a musician into the God of music

Data analysis shows that TikTok is bringing a metamorphosis and even a revolution in the music industry and among musicians. [Honestly, the formula for success on TikTok is still mysterious and it has turned it into a giant social media.]

Six of TikTok’s most viral songs of the year 2022 (so far, June 12th )

As we already mentioned, one of the current apps having a great influence on music is undoubtedly TikTok.

Six of TikTok Sings
Six of TikTok’s most viral songs

That is why we have compiled some of the most viral songs of 2022 so far that we cannot avoid them on our For You Pages (FYPs). Let us name them without further ado!

1. “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” 

Caroline Polachek

So hot your hurting my fellings Song
So hot your hurting my fellings

Polachek’s “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” choreography made it go viral on the platform. Simply put, atypical TikTok dance made Polachek’s vocals to be the commander of the app for a couple of weeks.

2. The Reading Rainbow theme song

Reading Rainbinow
The Reading Rainbinow them song

The theme songs from the Reading Rainbow PBS show (1983-2006) are also another viral music so far. This trend kept company with the Space Filter which xeroxed the faces and put them in —space.

3. “Just a Cloud Away”

Pharrell Williams

Just aCloud Away in TikTok
Just aCloud Away

In March of 2022 the “Just A Cloud Awaysong went viral on the TikTok. The song did not accompany any specific trend, however, it became the song of the moment on our FYPs for a short time.

4. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” 


We Don't Talk About Bruno in TikTok Song
We Don’t Talk About Bruno

The trendy song of February was Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk about Bruno.” It even rises to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 as well. It could accompany its trend and by the way, it was not only the first-line song for children and parents. The trend is mostly shot in two parts, in the first cut they try to do something, and in the second snippet, they walk into the room slowly as if there is an obstacle to what they were doing in the first place.   

5. “About Damn Time” 


About Damn Time on TikTok Song
About Damn Time

The song of the summer is undoubtedly Lizzo’s “About Damn Time“. It has a contagious rhythm and it has been included in over 3 million videos from April to now that we are writing this post.

6. “As It Was”

Harry Styles

As It Was Song on TikTok
As It Was

As It Was” went viral on the platform and it was in more than 2 million TikToks since April 1st too.

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