How to Spend Less Time on TikTok (and Why It’s So Addictive)

China’s most popular video-sharing platform, TikTok, can bring entertainment and even fame over a night just with short videos ranging between 15 and 60 seconds. Today, this app has millions of active users. By the way, since TikTok is an addictive app among teenagers, it is now a big concern.

Statistics indicate that nearly all TikTok users usually spend 50 minutes a day on this popular app. When you spend such a long time on a social media network, you can face plenty of side effects. If are dealing with the same concern, keep on reading and follow the offered solutions of ours.

Table of Contents

  • Why TikTok Is So Addictive
  • Tips on How to Spend Less Time on TikTok
  • Count how much time you spend on TikTok
  • Unfollow worthless content
  • Schedule a non-visit time
  • Find other dopamine-boosting activities
  • Final Thought

Why TikTok Is So Addictive

To clarify the reasons for TikTok addiction, let us discuss the seeds of addiction in general. When you have a positive sensation, dopamine will be released into the pathways of the reward center in your brain. Plenty of things can trigger the sensation such as a substance, a behavior, a type of food, etc.

Any cues from the social media environment can help you find it again. Simply put, when you are exposed to those cues, you will feel the same drive to get the same pleasure. This drive can create a strong urge to be dyed-in-the-wool.

TikTok Is So Addictive
Why TikTok Is So Addictive

TikTok has also such an environment that makes users addicted. Constant updates and short and entertaining clips will be powerful enough that can cause an immediate flood of dopamine. Therefore, if you do not watch the latest viral video, you will feel missed out. The “For You” page can create a similar addictive sensation.

Another reason that makes TikTok so addictive is the emotional rewards after joining the community including like, comment, and share buttons. In other words, the pleasure center of your brain is boosted and you concurrently feel like part of a social group too.

Tips on How to Spend Less Time on TikTok

Count how much time you spend on TikTok

Time you spend on TikTok
Count how much time you spend on TikTok

If you are going to know whether or not you are addicted to TikTok, simply count your time on this platform. There is a chance that surprises you to see how many hours a day you are consuming this online drug.

Unfollow worthless content

Unfollow Worthless Content on TikTok
Unfollow Worthless Content

Another great solution for limiting the time spent on TikTok is unfollowing those content creators not providing real value to your life. 

Schedule a non-visit time

Set some time limit that you must not check TikTok for example before lunch or after dinner according to your own schedule. You can make use of an app blocker on your device to keep you stick to the rule.

Find other dopamine-boosting activities

If you replace TikTok with other dopamine-boosting valuable activities, you can both quit too-much-TikToking and start growing. You can be addicted to language learning apps, online classes, or even a non-virtual new habit and hobby.

Final Thought

Since almost every social media platform including TikTok bring a social status and also positive reinforcement, they can simply become addictive in a way departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected. 

A boost of validation and self-esteem to your mind can be simply gained with a like or comment on the content. Although everyone enjoys the attention, it is important not to hurt other aspects of your life. Break a leg in this journey “mes amies!”

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