What Happens to Your TikTok Account When You Die ­čĺÇ?

TikTok Account When You Die We have explained how and why you need to prepare your account on TikTok for when you have passed away.

Speaking of social media platforms, lots of us do not begin to doubt the decisions we made about creating accounts and contact-sharing. Actually, many of the users even make a living on social media networks, particularly on TikTok.

Anyway, when the creators get older and older, they are wondering what occurs to their account on the TikTok social media platform once they have passed away.

The Approach of TikTok toward Deceased Creator Accounts

There are various ways that TikTok approaches when a creator dies.

No Memorial, Commemoration, or Request for Permanent Deletion by Next of Kin

Dissimilar to the other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, the TikTok social media does not have current features so that family members or representatives of their properties can request permanent deletion.

Thus, only the creator or a person who can access their log-in details will be able to request permanent deletion.

Additionally, there is no option for remembrance or memorialization on TikTok. Memorialization is activated once a social media platform adds Remembering or words like that next to a username.

Throughout this, memorialization informs the other users that the owner of an account is no longer around to use it. Besides that, certain features will prevent the account from getting hacked, changes in privacy settings, and so on and so forth.

TikTok does not have such a feature so that the followers can be informed that an account owner may already be dead but a post or an updated bio.

Automatic Account Username Change

Account Username Change
Automatic Account Username Change

Your TikTok account will be influenced by active monitoring for account inactivity if you have not logged into it for a prolonged period of time. For instance, if you have not logged into your account on TikTok in less than 180 days, TikTok will lapse your username into random numbers.

Despite the fact that your content will be kept on its platform indefinitely in case you leave your account to become inactive. But it might not probably be directly attributable to you and your brand. Additionally, it has also several risks for you, your brand/ business, and your followers.

You Need to Plan What to Happen After Your Account on TikTok in Case You Pass Away

Some users are okay with leaving their accounts inactive, but it can be problematic, particularly if you use TikTok for monetizing. There are several reasons for it.

  • Prevent Impersonation by Hackers

If you leave your TikTok account to fate, there is a risk of identity theft. When it comes to larger creator accounts, probably all of your followers do not know if you are deceased.

Through this, charlatans and imposters will be able to use your image for getting your followers to open and click phishing emails or involve in scams.

  • Protect Your Brand

Plenty of creators must work hard for building communities that are along with their brand. Since there is possibly a good deal of images, videos, etc available on your account, hackers can download your content as easily as a duck soup and manipulate them for their own profits.

Hackers may reshape your public image by means of deep fakes, face-swapping applications, and even voice-altering software.

  • Keep Your Monetization in Place

Since lots of creators make money with their accounts on social media platforms, their content will not disappear suddenly if they go offline. So, while it is hapless that everyone wants to log off forever, you can try to ensure your content keeps monetizing for the people you love.

What Can Loved Ones Do With Your TikTok Account After Death?

If you do not want your TikTok account and your content to be wasted, You can try out the following tips:

  • Let Friends and Family Members Manage Your Account

Before you die, you can turn over the control _ log-in details _ of your account on TikTok to your trusted ones and ask them to do something like updating your bio, changing your privacy settings, and also clearing your inbox.

  • Request for Permanent Deletion of Your Account Through Contacts

Ask your friends, family members, to permanently delete your account.

You might even ask your trusted contacts to post one last post e.g. pre-recorded video for your family, friends, and followers.

Leave TikTok the Way You Want

Sorrow and grief are difficult, particularly when our image and likeness can live on the Internet after we are deceased. 

For leaving TikTok (or any other social media platforms) regardless of the way you choose, it is best to write a letter to your loved ones or mention the last will 

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