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Best TikTok Alternative Apps in 2022

Top TikTok Alternative Apps

TikTok’s popularity has been boosted in 2022. Corona virus outbreak made people stuck at home.
Many people have used social media platforms to create videos of dancing, singing, lip-synching, comedy, etc. Undeniably, TikTok brought fame to many unknown content creators.
But are there any alternatives for TikTok?

Alternative Apps for TikTok
Top Alternative Apps for TikTok

Many officials worry about Chinese companies, they claim TikTok collects phone data for the government of China. Even India has banned the above-mentioned app.
Although you may like this app, it might be banned on your phone in the future.
By the way, you may only like TikTok’s idea, and you might be OK to use a similar platform. In this post, we are going to introduce the best TikTok alternatives for Android.

1. Byte

Byte App for TikTok
Byte App

Price: Free

Byte is one of the TikTok alternatives. There has been a surge in app downloads over the summer of 2020. People have downloaded it to create short clips.
There are some communities in the app and you can search for videos with funny, horror, cinematic categories. Byte is also user-friendly.

2. Chingari

Chingri App for TikTok
Chingri App

Price: Free

One of the best TikTok alternatives developed by Indians is Chingari. Chingari allows creators to easily and quickly record and upload video clips.
You can share them with family or friends. Although some of the TikTok features do not exist in this app, it is an excellent alternative.

3. Dubsmash

Dubsmash App for TikTok
Dubsmash App

Price: Free 

Although Dubsmash has been developed several years ago, it has the same features as TikTok.
You can select music or audio content and after that record a video.
Besides that, Dubsmash has lip-synching features plus visual effects.

4. Facebook

Facebook App for TikTok
Facebook App

Price: Free

Facebook is one of the best apps for short videos. You can upload and share the videos easily. Besides that, they can go viral in a wink.
Facebook has a built-in feature in its app for your video content, therefore you can manage them simply. Of course, you may not like to use your own page.
Additionally, you can work with short or long videos on Facebook.

5. Likee

Likee App for TikTok
Likee App

Price: Free + in-app payments 

Likee is one of the most popular TikTok alternatives. It is somehow the child of YouTube and TikTok.
You can make short or long videos. It has some funny filters too. And it is really similar to TikTok.

6. Triller

Price: Free

Triller is being used by music artists like Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber.
Triller allows creators to make videos and also allows group collaboration on video creation. Filters, text, and more effects are available for each video.

7. Zoomerang

Zoomerang App for TikTok
Zoomerang App

Price: Free + in-app payments 

Even though Zoomerang is not a platform for viewing videos, it is excellent for editing short videos for other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
There are some tricks and effects within this app. It has over 100 effects. 

8. Snapchat

SnapChat App for TikTok
SnapChat App

Price: Free

Snapchat has seen bigger boosts of popularity during recent years. Snapchat has been designed to disappear videos sent after a short amount of time.
You can also use it for person-to-person chats, sharing photos, etc.
It is absolutely one of the most famous, and best alternatives for TikTok.

9. Instagram

Instagram App Alternatives for TikTok
Instagram App

Price: Free

Instagram is one of the best platforms for short video content. You can publish your videos plus hashtags to get attention from followers and even non-followers.
However, you can have live videos, post videos to Stories, etc.
Additionally, the platform has launched Instagram Reels since August of 2020 and it tends to be a strong competitor for TikTok.


What is the Jump program?

By the way, TikTok has announced the launch of its program “Jump”, to expand the potential of the app for third-party integrations.
TikTok has begun testing this feature in February 2021.

 Platforms like Breathwork, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse, and Tabelog participated in the test of the above-mentioned program, and TikTok has said other providers like BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL, and WATCHA implement their own Jumps too. 

Therefore, an educational creator could link to Quizlet flashcards to review a concept that has been explained in TikTok, or even a pilates coach can share exercises. It expands engagement to the audience in the existing tools.

 TikTok has promoted its goal to entertainment and learning. So Jump helps to yield deeper interaction both online and offline through the platform.”

As Instagram has been promoting its e-commerce features via Reels, its TikTok competitor “Jump” can be used to sell items shown in the videos in the future.

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