TikTok launches in-app Election Guide developed with AEC

The importance of being enrolled to vote and the election process will be promoted through the help of this guide.

With the help of the Australian Election Commission, TikTok has launched its new in-app Election Guide.

As said by this popular social media, TikTok is devoted to supplying access to reliable and related information for their Australian community in the time that comes before the 2022 federal election.

The guide will be helpful for promoting the significance of being enrolled to vote and authoritative information on the election process will be provided as well (from where and how to vote, through to advantageous voting expositors) designed by the Australian Electoral Commission.

The Election Guide will help TikTok users when they search for and view the relevant content to the election; it reflects our proceeding endeavors for protecting the integrity of TikTok and the Australian federal election.

The platform is going to help their community take part in the election process from the starting point to the enrolment. They will direct their community to the Elections Guide on the website of the Australian Electoral Commission for enrolling to vote and check the status of their enrolment.

TikTok has launched its new in-app Election Guide
TikTok has launched

It has partnerships with the Australian Associated Press (AAP) and also Agence France Presse (AFP) for supporting efforts of checking facts and restricting the spread of misleading content.

Public Service Announcements will also be added to election-related pages by the platform in order to jog the memory of the people for following their Community Guidelines, verifying facts, and reporting content that may violate their policies.

With regard to reporting, TikTok has facilitated it easier for users to report misinformation through the app with a specific button available for election misinformation reporting to our community which will provoke a report to their team who review alerts with terms of our policies around misleading content.

A dedicated reporting channel has been established for the AEC in order to flag content breaching any local electoral laws or our Community Guidelines.

As noted by TikTok, paid political advertisements will not be accepted on their platform. Moreover, the focus of the platform is to support the users on important public issues accompanied by education and authoritative information.

the platform takes the aim of keeping a place where authentic content can be highlighted, and their Election Guide throws back their proceeding endeavors in order to protect the integrity of our platform and the Australian Federal election.

Evan Ekin-S myth, director of digital engagement – Australian Electoral Commission, said that they are collaborating closely with TikTok and would love their cooperation in driving participation in the election process and on measures designed for protecting the integrity of the election.

He added that they are eager about TikTok’s Election Guide and its important potential for being the resource of the platform’s community. The resort will be an aid for Australian voters on TikTok to access dependable, credible, and trustworthy information in order to enroll and vote.

Lisa Davies, CEO of, the Australian Associated Press said that AAP’s focus has always been on reliable, unbiased, and factual info and, they have been actively making effort to minimize the spread of misinformation as well.

She added that their collaboration with TikTok has been an important growth of that work and in the context of the near federal election, this will undertake boosted significance.

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