How to Use TikTok Promote to Reach New Audiences

Use TikTok Promote to Reach New Audiences

If you want to expand your TikTok reach and speculate how to augment your organic content, you will learn how to use the TikTok Promote ad feature to boost your content and reach more followers in this article. 

Use TikTok Promote New Audiences
Use TikTok Promote to Reach New Audiences

TikTok Promote

TikTok has a new Promote feature, which lets you promote your organic videos to reach new people. So it is wonderful news for those who are seeking to find their audience without penalizing their organic. TikTok has a solution or better to say a reward for those who join the new trend quickly.

Use TikTok Promote
TikTok Promote

TikTok Promote is a tool for advertising to users of this platform. It lets TikTokers, brands and businesses, influencers, etc advertise to more clients. The mentioned feature can help you boost your community on TikTok by connecting with similar interests audiences in a worthwhile and cost-efficient way.

For setting up this type of campaign, you just need to promote public videos with original or commercial sound. By the way,  more than 100,000 free sounds are available in the TikTok archive. It is noteworthy that the Promote feature cannot be used for videos with copyrighted sounds.

In this article, you will find how to set up a new video campaign for promoting an organic video and analyzing its achievement.

1. Consider an Objective for Your TikTok Promote Video Campaign

TikTok Promote Video Campaign
Consider an Objective for Your TikTok Promote Video Campaign

The first stage for creating a Promote video campaign is having a specific objective according to your outsmart business objectives. You will have three ways: more views, more website visits, and more audience (followers).

More Views

TikTok Video More Views
More Views

If your goal is to reach more followers on TikTok so that your business or offers stand out. More Views should be your goal when you are setting up the campaign.

This goal will attract more audiences to watch your video, and probably grow the chances for more engagement on your post and also your profile. If the clients like what they see, they might engage with other posts and even follow you as well. 

More Website Visits

TikTok Website Visits
More Website Visits

Tiktok Promote also offers an option to lead people as straight as an arrow to your website. If it is your objective, then pick More Website Visits for your campaign. When setting up your ad, you have to enter the URL of your website and select a call to action (CTA) button. CTA offers Shop Now, Learn More, Contact Us, and Sign Up. It works somehow like Instagram’s swipe-up feature.

More Audience 

If your main goal is to boost your TikTok Audience, choose More Followers. It kills two birds with one stone i.e. it can also help you increase the engagement until they are truly interested in your business. It is noteworthy that getting more followers means having a larger community to market and more selling.

If you are a new brand or business, and a newbie in TikTok, or have not gotten a significant amount of audience on the platform, increasing your followers is a firm foundation to start from.

2. Identify Organic TikTok Videos to Promote

At this stage, you have already chosen a goal for your campaign. Now, it is time to identify the best organic video for reaching your goal. It can be any of your TikTok videos but make sure it is an original, public video not including ©️ copyright issues

Organic TikTok Videos to Promote
Identify Organic TikTok Videos to Promote

Make an effort to find a video with organic good performance. It should authentically represent your brand. So if you pick the most popular content that you have i.e. the video with the highest reach and engagement, is a reasonable way to reach and engage more audience. It leads to gaining views, traffic, and followers.

For picking your best TikTok video, you can use the analytics metrics of your account. Just tap on the menu in the upper right of your TikTok profile. It will navigate you to the settings. Then, select either Business Suite or Creator Tools and then Analytics.

At first, you will see account data ranging from the last 7 to 28 days. Data is downloadable if you use the desktop version rather than a mobile app.

For extracting the analytics of your TikTok videos, select the Content tab to view your posts from the past week and see which ones are top-performing. Select each video if you need deeper insights including total playtime, total views, average watch time, and also audience information.

Determining the most popular content of your TikTok concerning views, reach, playtime, total watch time, and engagement (i.e. likes, shares, and comments). Because it has the best chance of performing efficiently through promotion.

3. Set Up Your TikTok Promote Video Campaign

TikTok Promote Video Campaign
Set Up Your TikTok Promote Video Campaign

To do this stage, use the Promote button on a post or TikTok Business Suite.

Using the Promote Button

Using the Promote Button in TikTok
Using the Promote Button

For setting up your campaign with the Promote button, you will have some options.

No.1go to the video and tap on the triple-dotted in the lower right of the screen.

Select the Promote button to set up your campaign, on the “What is your goal?” page.

No.2. access Promote via the settings.

Select Creator Tools and then tap on Promote.

Pick the video and select your goal.

Choosing More Website Visits as your goal leads you to the URL of your destiny page and a CTA to motivate people to click.

Then, choose the targeted audience. You can select either Automatic for TikTok or Custom.

For customizing your targeting audience, select a gender, age range, and interests in terms of their interest in your product or content.

After customizing your audience, tap “Next” to choose a budget and duration for your campaign.

And eventually, select Start Promotion. Your campaign will start after the approval of TikTok.

Using TikTok Business Suite

TikTok Business Suite
Using TikTok Business Suite

Using the Business Suite for setting your promotion up is very identical and similar to using the Promote button. If your account is a business one, you just need to navigate to Settings and Privacy > Business Suite > Promote. Then do the same process mentioned in the previous part. So your ad will be set up.

4. Analyzing the Performance of Promoted TikTok Videos

You can check the performance of the promoted TikTok videos campaign while it runs and also after that. For viewing the post analytics, tap on the triple-dotted in the lower right corner of the post. Then select Analytics. You will be able to see a screen full of your video ad’s data.

Analyzing the Performance TikTok Videos
Analyzing the Performance of Promoted TikTok Videos

We have explained the meaning of each metric and how it affects the performance of your ad.

Views (play icon): It indicates the times your video plays for a user. A view contains anything from even a millisecond watch to minutes. Indeed, if your video replays for a user more than once, TikTok counts each time as an independent view.

Likes (heart icon): It shows the total number of likes you have received on your post.

Comments (conversation bubble-like icon): It is the number of comments you have received on your post.

Shares (arrow-like icon): It indicates the total number of times a user has shared your post.

Total play time: It is the cumulative amount of time that users have watched your video. You can use this metric to compare the current video play time with that of other videos you have published and see which ones have the most play time.

Average watch time: It shows the mean time viewers have spent watching your video. If your video holds users’ attention longer, it has received more engagement. Your aim is for users to watch a video to the end or even several times.

Watched full video: It is the number of times your video has been watched to the end.

Reached audience: It is the total number of unique users who have watched your video.

Video views by section: It is a metric that shows the source of your traffic. Your traffic may come from the “For You”, followers, searches, hashtags, sounds, or personal profiles.

Video views by region: It is a metric that analyzes your audience according to their location (territory). 

Analytics for Website Visits

Analytics for Website Visits TikTok
Analytics for Website Visits

If you are going to drive traffic to your website, you can evaluate the overall referral traffic through TikTok. The Promote tool lets you track the total number of users who have visited your website by tapping on your link.

For viewing these analytics, go to:

Settings and Privacy >

Creator Tools >


Tap on See Details, On the Promotions page

Insights for Video Views

Insights for Video Views TikTok
Insights for Video Views

If you are going to expand video views, you should concentrate on monitoring views and also reaching the audience. You can evaluate the percentage of your post reach to see how many percent of your audience has seen your post.

The formula of calculating the

percentage of a Post reach is: (Reached audience / Total number of followers) x 100

So when you run future campaigns with similar objectives, you can compare the performance of each post based on the number of views and reach.

The Rate of Follower Growth

The Rate of Follower Growth in TikTok
The Rate of Follower Growth

For determining the analytics of the follower count, go to:

 Settings and Privacy > 

Business Suite >


You can monitor the analytics (engagement metrics, follower information, and content data)

 of your entire account in this section.

If your goal is growing your following, concentrate on the graph on the Followers tab. It indicates the total number of your new followers, the rate of growth, and demographic information.

You can gain insight into the countries of your followers and their activity as well. In other words, you can determine the times and days they are active on TikTok. Monitoring these analytics will help you optimize your next campaigns and posting times in the future.


Digital marketers can name plenty of significant pros for investing in TikTok and its Promote feature. Moving along with the latest trends takes you ahead of your competitors.

TikTok Promote is an outstanding and effective way for you to increase the fame of your brand, gain new audiences for your business, and drive users directly to your website. So try it out without more hesitation.

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