Best TikTok Video Downloaders in 2022 {tested sites}

TikTok Video Downloaders

Let us take a glance at the video downloaders we believe to be the best for TikTok in the market currently.

When you are using TikTok, you have always the option of saving videos for later and watching them in your leisure time.

However, sometimes, you want to be able to download a TikTok video and save it onto your computer or your cell phone.

TikTok Downloade
TikTok Video Downloade

Unfortunately, TikTok does not support this feature. That is why you need to discover a third-party downloader.

As you may know, there are many companies in the industry that do not fulfill your needs though they may look wonderful on paper but in reality, they just want your money.

So we have compiled a list of the best TikTok video downloaders in the current market so you can be sure that you are downloading the videos in high quality.

Let us take a glance at the list without any hesitation. 

1. Qoob

Qoob for TikTok Video Downloade
Qoob for Video Downloade

Qoob is one of the best TikTok video downloaders coz it helps you download more than one TikTok video at once, and it can also assist you with hashtags and accounts.

You can try their services for free as a new client, you even have the option to save captions of TikTok videos too. 

You can even consider a time range for TikTok videos that are going to be downloaded.

Besides that, the security and privacy of you are ensured.

2. Snapdownloader

Snapdownloader for TikTok Video Downloade
Snapdownloader for Video Downloade

Snapdownloader is another great suggestion if you want to have a video downloader on your desktop because you can save all of your TikTok videos on a PC.

Moreover, the download in the application is free, and you can even save the videos in MP3 or MP4 format. 

Besides that, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

It is also really user-friendly and offers the users bulk downloads too. You can also schedule your downloads and do not waste your time on the app.

3. 4K Download

4K Download for TikTok Video Downloade
4K Download for Video Downloade

4K Download is a marvelous option for downloading TikTok videos so that it assists you with TikTok videos, hashtags, and accounts too. So you can grow your TikTok marketing as well, and make your videos seen by the right followers.

You can back up your TikTok account and export your download history by using 4K Download. Saving TikTok video captions is available. You can even download TikTok videos with the same music.

4. YouTube ByClick Downloader

YouTube ByClick Downloader for TikTok
YouTube ByClick Download

A great TikTok video downloader is YouTube ByClick Downloader because you can experience quick and easy downloading. Besides that, it is user-friendly software. By the way, you can download videos from any site such as YouTube. Your videos can be on MP3, MP4, and other formats. Additionally, you can download multiple videos at once.

It has a premium version costing $4.99 and meanwhile, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. TikTokfull

TikTokfull for TikTok Video Download
TikTokfull for Video Download

TikTokfull is a good  TikTok video downloader and you can also get views for your own TikTok videos for free. You can download TikTok videos without the watermark, and you do not even need to give your login information.

But unfortunately, its mobile app is only available for Android users. 

By the way, You can download videos from Pinterest, Facebook, and also YouTube.

In other words, it is a great choice to download everything for free.

6. Qload

Qload for TikTok Video Download
Qload for Video Download

Qload is another great TikTok video downloader in the list that can help you with unlimited free downloads. It is incredibly awesome. 

By the way, it is compatible with all devices out and you just need to download your favorite TikTok videos by copying their link and pasting the link in the text bar of the webpage. Your downloads will not have a TikTok sign or watermark as well.

Since it is a web-based tool, no need to download a mobile app to make the most of its features.

7. SnapTikApp

SnapTikApp for TikTok Video Download
SnapTikApp for Video Download

SnapTikApp is a very good TikTok video downloader. You can download your TikTok videos in HD quality without a watermark, you just need to paste the link of the video into its text bar on the web page, and then tap on the ‘download’ button.

But if you use iOS, maybe you want to try another video downloader on this list.

Meanwhile, it supports all devices and offers free downloads. So, if you do not want to spend money downloading TikTok videos, it is going to be a good option.

8. TTDownloader

TTDownloader for TikTok Video Download
TTDownloader for Video Download

TTDownloader is a really great TikTok video downloader, and you can download videos and save them in different formats like MP3, MP4, or more.

By the way, you can be sure that the quality of the video is not going to be compromised. Moreover, you can choose to save videos with or without the watermark.

9. SSSTikTok

SSSTikTok for TikTok Video Download
SSSTikTok for Video Download

A very good choice for downloading videos from TikTok, Twitter, etc is SSSTikTok. You can download TikTok videos as easy as a duck soup by pasting the link of the TikTok video in the bar of the web page, and then tapping on the ‘download’ button.

You will be able to download your videos without the TikTok logo or watermark, it is a really good option, and by the way, it supports more than 15 languages.

10. ExpertsPHP

ExpertsPHP for Video Downloader
ExpertsPHP Downloader

ExpertsPHP is a great free TikTok video downloader.

You can download TikTok videos just by pasting the link of the TikTok video into the text bar of its web page. You can also download videos from Pinterest in MP4 or HD. All of your favorite videos are without the watermarks.

11. MusicallyDown

MusicallyDown For TikTok Download
MusicallyDown For Video Download

MusicallyDown is a great TikTok video downloader. One of its advantages is free unlimited video downloading.

It is noteworthy that you can also download videos from Pinterest or TikTok.

You will have the chance to include the watermark or not. By the way, the application is available in five languages. Moreover, You can download videos in MP3 or MP4 format.

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