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5 Best Tips For Creating Viral TikTok Videos in 2022

Tips Creating Viral TikTok Videos

You are probably looking for how to create viral TikTok videos. Since more brands, businesses, and influencers are noticing the infinite potential of TikTok, all of us are trying to turn the conventional way of marketing into digital marketing on TikTok.

Creating Viral TikTok Videos
Tips Creating Viral TikTok Videos

That is why you need to do something precisely about it just now.

Before that, let us review the best tips on how to create viral videos on TikTok in 2022.

How to Create Viral Videos On TikTok

Tip 1: Your videos should have strong opening questions

TikTok is a fast-moving social media platform where you need to attract your audience in less than the first 3 seconds.
In other words, grabbing the attention of your audience should happen before they want to swipe your video is a significant element for that to perform well.

It is essential to grab the attention of your viewers soon enough so that they watch it to the end, so specify a tone and topic for your content. Your video will probably get more viewers. 

There are different ways of capturing the attention of your audience on the spot, and you need to experiment a lot to find the best strategy for yourself.

For instance, you can bring up a mind-boggling question, tell the audience to stop scrolling or highlight that you have unique content.

After experimenting with various ways to grab the attention of your audience, crucially in the first 3 seconds. You may want to pose a question spinning around your niche with a voiceover or your face.
You will definitely discover different ways for the openings of your TikTok video.

Tip 2: Your videos should be short and also engaging

TikTok is specifically a social media platform for sharing short and to-the-point videos so that the viewers will be attracted to watch them.
By the way, the algorithm of TikTok is in favor of video completion rate, in other words, if the users watch your video to the end, the rate of completion will be 100%.

Statistics show that the users are more expected to watch 15 seconds videos than one-minute-long ones. In other words, the chance they watch them to the end will be higher if the length of the videos is shorter.

Your videos should be short  in YouTube
Your videos should be short and also engaging

If you are going to tell a long story, break it into parts, and also remind the viewers to watch the next parts. You also can create a video series that covers the topic in detail.
For improvement of your full watch time, you have to follow the first tip i.e. put a strong hook at the start. It will make the users stay till the end of the video. The growth of completion rate on TikTok will increase the chances of the contents going viral.

Tip 3: Add trending music or sounds to the Videos 

TikTok music and sounds are like hashtags. The discoverability of your content depends on the sounds. As a consequence, it is recommended to add trending songs at the right time. It will increase the chances of your video going viral so that the TikTok algorithm favors your objective. 

There are three simple methods for finding the popular and trending sounds to be added to your videos. To discover them, you will have to pay attention to the popular TikTokers. It could definitely work along TikTok.

Add music or sounds Videos in YouTube
Add trending music or sounds to the Videos

Another tactic is to allocate some of your videos on the ‘For You’ page and recognize what music and sounds get the most traction. After finding the trending music, you can actually save it as your favorites for afore using 
The third way is navigating to the TikTok video editor and the ‘Sounds’ section where you can scroll through the many trending songs under ‘Discover’.

Another piece of advice that you have to note is that even if you are creating a voiceover, add trending music to your videos as well. Turn down the sound in the background. Do not forget that the songs function as hashtags.

Tip 4: Master the art of recitation 

The crucial element for making your content go viral on TikTok — and other social media platforms — is narration. It is an important ingredient of being a human.
Viewers are more likely to share videos that waver their emotions. Including human emotions like excitement, humor, fear, and motivation, increases the chances to grab the attention of people because those feelings connect with your story.

Of course, dancing and lip sync can have the same effect on TikTok. The art of storytelling is more likely to make a video go viral – except if you are a wonderful dancer! Your stories can be about anything that people may like to know.

A strategic method for telling a story on TikTok and grabbing the attention of your viewers is using text overlays as well.
It promotes the engagement and comments of your video on the platform.

Posting videos on TikTok with text overlays make the viewers engage because they want to understand the video more.

Tip 5: Always close with a strong call to action

Call to Action in YouTube Video
Always close with a strong call to action

If you can make your viewers keep watching your video on TikTok till the end, then felicitations! But the only goal is not going viral.
You need to make them pursue more content, follow your profile on TikTok, or drive them to your website.

A great CTA (call to action) allows your audience to know what they can see in your other videos, and future content. A call to action can simply be “follow me for more content about …!”
Remember to add a clickable link in your bio. It can drive traffic to your website or any landing page, which can easily convert your audiences into customers.

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