How to Use TikTok to Boost Your Small Business in 2022

TikTok to Boost Your Small Business

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms; it was born in 2018, but soon after gained popularity. Almost everyone is on TikTok.
At first glance, the platform seems to be a place just for funny lip-synching videos, but on deeper levels, it can be a realm for showcasing the products and the services too.
It is cloudless that there is much competence for micro or local businesses to take advantage of TikTok and gain an audience in a hilarious and creative way.

TikTok is not just an Instagram for videos or a short version of YouTube, it includes a lot of wonderful features.
The length of videos on TikTok can vary from five seconds to one minute.
You can add filters and special effects as easily as a piece of cake. Moreover, TikTok has a giant music collection so you can add songs to your clips.

TikTok Business
TikTok to Boost Your Small Business

The algorithm of TikTok functions on artificial intelligence (AI) so it suggests videos to the users based on their past experience.
The algorithm assists users to find new content. Now TikTok is the sixth-largest social media platform in the world. More than 1.65 billion users have downloaded it.
Active users use the app more than 8 timesdaily. TikTok’s largest population is between 18 to 24 years old. And almost 60 % of TikTok users are girlsand women.

If you are going to use TikTok as a marketing tool for your small business, create a small business account on the platform.
Since this type of promotion will not get too far on TikTok, it is recommended to see what other brands, businesses, start-ups, etc are doing. You have to find out if your audience is on TikTok.
So explore the platform, e.g: Watch a couple of videos to get a feel for the platform. Record videos with your phone, add in filters and effects and so much more.
Add songs to your videos, and remix them. You can follow other competitive businesses and check out their marketing campaigns.

TikTok for Business: Try various Kinds of Content

TikTok for Business Content
TikTok for Business Try various Kinds of Content

Now it is time to create proper content for your business, brand, start-up, etc. You can just make a hilarious lip-synching video and introduce your brand and also give a tour of your workplace to the audience.
Since TikTok is a marvelous place to post inspirational stories, you can share the success story of your brand. 
You can even create a video to explain why you chose the name of your brand and what story is behind that. Since TikTok users love pet videos, make most of the videos taken from cute animals running around. If your business donates money, services, or products, Share that on TikTok.
You can show the step-by-step process of your business. Provide tutorials about your career as well. Remember TikTok users like fun and creative videos.
Nobody wants to listen to a monotone talking head explaining how to use a product. The audience prefers to see a cool story with some interesting music about a product.

Use The Right Hashtags

Use The Right Hashtags in TikTok
Use The Right Hashtags

If you want your content to go viral or at least discovered, add trendy hashtags. However, hashtags should do with your video.
Otherwise, users will never return to your account again. So make sure to add relevant and popular ones.

Curate your customers’ content

Customers’ Content in TikTok
Curate your Customers’ Content

It can be staring in the face that creating videos is a good way to promote your business or brand on TikTok, but ask your customers to use hashtags whenever they post something about your products or services on TikTok.
You may want to run a paid hashtag challenge too!

Platform’s Ads

Platform’s Ads in TikTok
Platform’s Ads

Brands or businesses can advertise on TikTok Like other social media platforms.
That is a magnificent way to showcase your brand to new users and prospects. There are some ways your business can advertise on TikTok:
1. Link the advertisement to a landing page if your offer is exclusively presented for TikTok.
2. Sponsor a specific hashtag challenge and advertise on the Discover page. it also gets engagement for your brand and hashtags.
Create a specific filter for your brand so that the users can add to their videos. 


So the world of social media platforms is not always fun and games – It is the same even for a social media platform such as TikTok.
Like other platforms or better to say older competitors of TikTok, there are also so many advantages and disadvantages in TikTok marketing that can lead to your online success or failure.

It can be staring in the face that every platform has its specific benefits, and also the downside.
But do not worry. Cons should not make you frightened because you can act strategically and obtain pros by the means of right knowledge.

By the way, since the platform will soon be populated by brands, businesses, start-ups, and even enterprises, you need to learn whatever you can about the platform and its audiences and act on your knowledge as soon as possible.
In fact, TikTok marketing should not be taken for granted in your overall digital marketing strategy.

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