How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile

How to See Who has Viewed Your TikTok Profile (And Why It Isn’t Working):

Plenty of people are curious about those TikTok users who have viewed their profile because TikTokis a wonderfully great social media platform to grow the social presence of your business or brand. Also checking who has viewed your TikTok profile is a significant metric component of your performance.

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the greatest hubs for sharing content and also building a group of true reliable audiences. Owing to the ‘For You’ page, the smart home page of TikTok only shows those videos that are interesting for each specific user. Simply put, in case someone has never followed a TikTok content creator before, they may probably see their videos on the “For You” page.

Viewed your TikTok Profile
Viewed TikTok Profile

As you know, there is no shortcut to boosting TikTok views and followers; however, TikTok offers a couple of tricks for growing its audience. These tricks or better to say tips include replying to the comments of the viewers, co-creating with other creators, jumping on the trends, and more of that. It also matters for creators to monitor all the analytics such as viewing rates, video comments, and observing the components of your successful video that has been shown on the search page and received more engagements.

One of those important meters and analytics is having the ability to see those users who have viewed your TikTok profile. No matter if it is one of the famous creators or just an ordinary user; it can be wonderfully helpful for you to know who has viewed your videos and then analyze your profile more precisely. One of the options for all TikTok users, is by tapping on ‘Inbox’ to see the TikTok notifications to track if someone has viewed their profile.

Why You Cannot See the Viewers of Your TikTok Profile Anymore

That is simple: TikTok has removed this feature. A couple of years ago, TikTok disabled the view notifications of the profiles for keeping the browsing activity of the users more private. Some people were disappointed because they appreciated that information, while some others fell for that as they could watch videos more secretly. At this moment, you would only be notified if someone likes a video of TikTok users, comments on, or follows other TikTok creators.

See the Viewers of Your TikTok Profile Anymore
Why You Cannot See the Viewers of Your TikTok Profile Anymore

There are some rumors that TikTok might add that function again so that you can see if someone has viewed your profile. For a couple of months, TikTok has been testing the ‘Profile Views’ feature with selected users. They can see who viewed their profile in the past 30 days.

Of course, only if those viewers have manually turned on their profile view history will be shown.We still do not know when this feature will be available to everyone.

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