7 Best WordPress TikTok Plugins 2022 

You might be wondering which the best TikTok plugin for WordPress is. Good news! You are at the right place because we have compiled a list of the Best WordPress TikTok Plugins 2022. To collect this, we have examined many WordPress plugins that are fast, user-friendly, and can work with all WordPress themes. 

If you choose an adequate TikTok plugin WordPress you can augment and boost your website. There are plenty of TikTok WordPress plugins for promoting your TikTok episode around the Internet. We hope you can discover your qualification. Now let us jump into the list without further hesitation.

Table of Contents

  • 7 Best TikTok Plugins for WordPress
  • BioLinks Plugin
  • QuadLayers TikTok Feed Plugin
  • Easy Tiktok Feed Plugin 
  • TikTok Feed Plugin
  • TikTok Advertising Pixel Plugin
  • TikTok Video Downloader Plugin
  • Embed Block for TikTok Plugin
  • Final Thoughts

7 Best TikTok Plugins for WordPress 

1. BioLinks Plugin

One of the best TikTok plugins in the industry is BioLinks Plugin. With BioLinks, you have a wonderfully successful solution for linking Instagram and TikTok. Moreover, it is an ideally efficient URL shortener.

BioLinks Plugin for WordPress TikTok
BioLinks Plugin

Since it is critical when you have a brand, business, or enterprise to advertise on Instagram and TikTok and to add more than one link to your profile, BioLinks is considered a great tool for website use because it can build a website including all the links to your website. Therefore, with just one click it is possible to copy and paste the desired link to your TikTok profile for only $75.

2. QuadLayers TikTok Feed Plugin

One of the best plugins to add TikTok Feed to your website is WP made by QuadLayers.

It is noteworthy that this plugin can be easily installed and configured. Moreover, it is easy to use, an optimally-coded plugin that does not intervene with the performance of the site. It automatically saves relevant videos and data to the TikTok social media platform. Besides that, for minimizing the number of requests to the server, and decreasing the upload time, it can store the information. Another feature of WP is that you can customize the pop-up lightbox so that your customers can view the content of your website.

QuadLayers TikTok Feed
QuadLayers TikTok Feed Plugin

To customize the appearance, position, and layout of ticked video, it has numerous options. Since you can add a username or hashtag to WP TikTok Feed, it is easy to get videos from any particular category.

3. Easy TikTok Feed Plugin

Easy TikTok Feed Plugin is one of the greatest plugins for newbie users it is an open-source and SEO-friendly plugin. Many people have been involved in its development.

Easy TikTok Feed
Easy TikTok Feed Plugin

The most viewed videos will appear in your TikTok account on your WordPress website.

So via Google AdSense and Affiliate, you can make money out of TikTok videos. Unfortunately, this plugin is not still well welcomed by users.

4. TikTok Feed Plugin

A new paid tool is TikTok Feed, which has been available on the CodeCanyon website for almost a month. You can add your TikTok profile to your website using it. It is possible to make use of it for creating custom shortcodes. 

TikTok Feed
TikTok Feed Plugin

Besides that, its responsive layout option lets users showcase ticked videos on any screen.

When you only buy the plug-in, you will get 12 months of support. It is worth noting that since it is user-friendly, novice users can make use of it as well. It also offers customizing options as well as choosing to show or hide your videos.

5. TikTok Advertising Pixel Plugin

TikTok Advertising Pixel Plugin is also one of the best TikTok ads in WordPress. This plugin takes advantage of TikTok as a powerful advertising tool not just for displaying feeds.

Brands can grasp the attention of many customers just by making most of the TikTok Advertising Pixel plugin in addition to taking full advantage of targeting customers’ strategies.

TikTok Advertising Pixel
TikTok Advertising Pixel Plugin

So simply install and activate it on your website and have a good strategy so that you can create long-term clients out of the visitors.

However, you need to be advanced with coding for being able to work with this plugin

6. TikTok Video Downloader Plugin

A wonderfully great tool to download TikTok videos is undoubtedly the TikTok Video Downloader plugin. What you do is add the URL of the video of your choice to the plugin, and it will download the video for you.

TikTok Video Downloader
TikTok Video Downloader Plugin

It costs $29 to get its features over 12 months for free. It is worth noting that it can remove watermarks from TikTok videos, backups the bootstrap framework, a place for adding ads, and it is completely compatible with SEO principles.

7. Embed Block for TikTok Plugin

Our last option on this list is the Embed Block for TikTok plugin. It is one of the best plugins to display TikTok videos on the web. As the name suggests, with the help of the mentioned plugin, you can embed TikTok videos into your posts or pages.

Embed Block for TikTok
Embed Block for TikTok Plugin

When you install and activate Embed Block for TikTok, it can be also possible to add other blocks to your website in the WordPress editor as well.

Via Embed Block for TikTok, it will be available to add custom CSS codes to TikTok blocks and customize them as you like. 

Moreover, it is free to download.

Final Thoughts

Since new social media platforms including the TikTok video-sharing network might feel daunting, it can seem critical as well as challenging to find out how to effectively make use of them. So integrate TikTok with your website and your other social media accounts to take full advantage of your social presence.

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